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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance


Low Level Laser & Photonic Stimulation

Low Level Lasers are a great way to help promote relaxation. We often hear of other beneficial results but do not claim them. Below are just some of the technical aspects and possible side benefits that have been reported.
One of the things we see quite often is a person “sighing”  and/or visibly relaxing after one or 2 cycles (3 to 6 minutes). In our office we are using the Low Level LASER. 
We also use Ochs Lab’s 4.5 Watt 940nm Infrared LED Photonic Stimulator. So we use both incoherent and coherent light therapies. Both very well at reducing pain, inflammation and increasing ATP production which is a hallmark of infrared light therapy.
Relaxation is one key to promoting our own body’s natural healing abilities.




































The Low Level Laser we use has 20 Diodes to produce light; 12 Laser diodes provide the source of the low level coherent light. The remaining 8 are LEDs. The LASER light that is produced is not focused, concentrated or powerful enough to cut or burn.


The coherent light helps donate electrons which in turn can help re-polarize cell walls, which facilitates osmosis and lymph movement.  Waste products leave and nutrients enter through the cell wall membranes more easily in healthy cells. It is thought that this "coherent light" promotes healing on a cellular level as it energetically nourishes depleted cells. It also is believed to stimulate ATP production by as much as 150%. This should increase the energy resources of the cell and improve cellular communication. 


Low Level Laser Therapy has also periodically been reported to help reduce pain, inflammation, increase blood circulation, stimulate bone repair and reduce infection.  While this is no guarantee, it is what some people may experience.


Special Notes:


Caution: Sometimes, not always. Herpes and Shingles can sometimes seemingly be aggravated by light and “flare up”.  So if a flare up occurs, simply discontinue phototherapy use in that area, because after all, it is a light source.



    The Enlightened Beauty Treatment, a non invasive, non-drug face lift procedure.



                                      Dr. Irina Kossovakaia-MediScen teaches the "Enlightened Beauty Treatment".


The Low Level LASER can be used to help reduce wrinkles...fine lines, spots...Ahhhh. The best part is how rejuvenated the participants became following this treatment... they were "glowing"! Notice MediScen Solaris Energy Blanket is wrapped around the lucky person receiving the pampering treatment. 



Here are a few testimonials of positive outcomes certain users have experienced other than just relaxation benefits.







































Testimonials are not meant to be used as a treatment protocol but rather we wish to share some

documented examples of how devices have been used, and, their reported side benefits by certain people. 


As always get the advice of your doctor before embarking on any changes to your lifestyle or treatment of any maladies.



The FDA has listed bio-stimulation lasers as non-significant risk (NSR) devices. Low level lasers sold by 2035, Inc. have received UL approval for safety. It is our understanding that the FDA has approved one version of the Q1000 LASER ( 660nm) for treating osteoarthritis of the wrist. We find our clients enjoy the relaxation benefits of phototherapy and occasionally several other beneficial side effects.



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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance


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