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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance

Modalities and Services

Modalities and Services


NeuroPaths’ relaxation modalities are accomplished without the use of any drugs or invasive techniques.  Our goal is to obtain a positive shift toward conditions that accelerate your own body’s natural healing processes.  Many clients report improvements for a wide range of symptoms. We do not diagnose, treat or claim to cure diseases, but rather use relaxation techniques to help clients obtain peak performance while reducing anxiety and discomfort.




Biofeedback - Nexus 10

      A 10 position classic Bluetooth biofeedback system from Holland. Bluetooth capability enables the wearer freedom from being constrained by wires to the main platform and computer.  Value limits are set to reward the client with a sound or visualization cue when certain goals; temperature, skin response, respiration rate, etc, are met. Biofeedback is designed to aid the client in improving levels of relaxation and/or more appropriate response to stimuli.


CST - Craniosacral Therapy

      This 10 Step protocol developed by Dr. John Upledger helps to correct restrictions of the Dural tube that affects the optimal functioning of the body’s ANS (Autonomic Nervous System).  CST uses a manually sustained low force, typically less than 5 grams, to remove Dural tube restrictions, return flexibility to Dural membranes, enhance the craniosacral pulse, and allow cranial bones to shift back into a more proper alignment. 


LENS - Low Energy Neurofeedback System                    

      LENS is the revolutionary technique for restoring optimal brain functioning.  Developed by Dr. Len Ochs, this system uses the classic 10-20 biofeedback sites as locations to analyze the brain’s operating frequencies. LENS then applies a weak feedback of extremely low RF power pulse (1 billionth of a watt) that is fed back at a different frequency than the brain expects for a brief period of time, typically 1/100th second.  This tends to “exercise” the brain as it responds and adjusts to a new homeodynamic point with the goal of returning “brain flexibility”. Nothing is “felt” by the client at the attachment sites because the energies are so low. Often more subtle effects may be experienced such as; a more relaxed/meditative, less reactive state with improved clarity.


NeuroField Therapy  / QEEG — LORETA /Z-Score /  HRV

      NeuroField, developed by Dr. Nicholas Dogris, is an energetic field therapy with effects similar to LENS.  Selectable RF frequencies, or groups of frequencies, are set within a program and emitted from a swimmers/QEEG type of cap that has 19 electrodes corresponding to the classic biofeedback 10-20 sites.   The stretchable cap is placed on the head, or target body part, and a program of frequencies run.  This is strictly an energetic modality for relaxation.  Many people have reported similar beneficial after effects comparable to LENS therapy. NeuroField is also used to produce QEEG Brain Maps, Z-score, and  operates on a Neuroguide platform for LORETA training.


Phototherapy—Photonic Stimulator (LED) and Low Level Laser (5mW and 300-500mW)

      The Low level laser is not concentrated enough to burn or cut but may promote healing on a cellular level. Light energy tends to increase efficiency of mitochondria (Kreb’s Cycle). Phototherapy has been widely studied. Studies by Whelan and others have shown improvements in wound healing rates and other benefits on a cellular level.



      This technology was developed by Dr. Alexander Karasev as part of the Russian space program. The objective was to create a device that would help the body to heal itself and facilitate pain reduction without the use of drugs.  It simulates the body’s own nerve signals and tends to mediate the pain response by interacting with our C and A delta nerve fibers.  Once the electrode is placed on the skin, a variable rapid cycling milliamp and microamp current is emitted.  As the body tissues react to the signal the active waveform is altered based on information received from the body. The devices interact with the body to achieve maximum benefit and reduce the potential for accommodation. Many people report positive effects following application of this device such as; increased relaxation, inflammation reduction and improved vascularization.  These positive results may extend for hours or days, depending on the individual, their condition, and number of sessions completed. 


Solaris Energy Blankets

      A multi-metallized blanket tends to reflect the body’s own energy signals back to itself and to a lesser degree screen out stray background emissions generated by artificial sources working as an “energetic mirror” to the body.


All of our modalities are considered experimental and are exclusively for the purpose of relaxation and muscle reeducation only. Always speak to your physician before embarking in any changes to medication levels, or new therapeutic modalities. Physicians often refer clients to us and our therapists will be glad to speak to your physician at any time if they so wish.


Clients reporting positive symptomatic relief/benefits while using our relaxation modalities have issues related to: stroke, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, RSD, Fibromyalgia, ADD/ADHD, soft tissue damage, orthopedic joint replacements, arthritis, depression, anxiety, phantom limb, and paralysis. In general, if you can learn to relax, life gets easier, with better focus, and chronic conditions seem to improve as the body shifts out of stress toward a more parasympathetic (healing favored) state.


We do not accept insurance at this time.  Hours are by appointment.




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On Site Services:


Initial intake and introductory session       (~ 2 hrs)                           $ 250.00

Subsequent sessions                                   (~50 minutes)                 $ 135.00

QEEG Map                                                     (~50 minutes)                 $ 250.00



Individual Training/Consulting:            

Based on Hourly Rates                               Hourly Basis                    $ 150.00/hr




Effective Rates as of January 1, 2016



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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance


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