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In 1973, Dr. Alexander Karasev, created the first Russian TENS device which was designed to block pain. Following this development in 1973-1975, Karasev released the ENS-01, the first device designed to be able assist the body’s healing properties, not just block pain signals.  SCENAR development had begun.  Karasev, Lev Tatoev and others created the Department of Medical Electronics and that was reorganized into OKB-RITM in 1981. In the late 1980’s Karasev received his first patent for an electro-stimulator. Imbedded within this filing were many SCENAR attributes.  In 1990, Dr. Karasev formed LET Medical. Dr. Karasev’s present goal is to develop simple-to-use automated models; for activation of stem cells and develop a model able to achieve regeneration of cells.

SCENAR development began as part of the Soviet cosmonaut program and was later released to the Russian public in the 1980s.  By the 1990s, products began making their way westward, through Europe, and on to the US. For a complete history of the development and its “family tree” refer to “History” by Dr. Irina Kossovskaia.





























The SCENAR uses constantly varying electrical signals and may influence the nervous system to generate Neuropeptides. What differentiates SCENARs from classic TENS technology is the effects are felt longer in many individuals after the electrode is removed.  The signals that the body receives during active therapy vary based on biofeedback from the individual’s own body.  During therapy, the electrode, which is attached to the main body, or as a separate probe attachment, is placed in contact with the outer skin.  The device is totally non-invasive and no adhesives are required to hold the electrode to the body.  Simple contact to the skin is all that is required. The device may be slid and/or left in a location on the body to have a positive effect.


Typical Functions:






Diag. (Dialog) - None

The Russian developers viewed the body as having a “dialog” with the device.


Power Level

1% to 100% of full power using scales units up to 100 or 250 normally.


Frequency - pulse repetition rate

15 to 350 Hz.  (~60 Hz. is the typical default setting)


Intensity - number of waveforms in one bundle

1 to 8 impulses per “Cycle”



DMPH - waveform modulation / Dampening

Sk1, Sk2, Sk3, Sk4 and Variable - random


Z - time between impulse groups

10 to 80 units of adjustment



AM - amplitude modulation - with six steps of adjustment

Duty Cycle - (“On” seconds: “Off” seconds)

1:1, 2:1,1:2,  3:1, 1:3, 4:1, 1:4, 5:1, 1:5 (+ BEE Sting mode for certain models)


FM - frequency modulation

30Hz. to 120 Hz to 30 Hz., etc.


SW1 - Swing Mode - continuous cycling of 4 parameters:

Intensity + Z + FM + waveform Sk1 to Sk4

AUTO - Diag modes may differ slightly but in general all accomplish the following, alerting one to dosage and/or zero completion and aid in the screening process.


Automatically calculates Dose "*" and Zero "@"

Also typically displays Initial Reaction "IR"


Screening mode to locate active sites and store information

Readings of initial reactions (IR) and initial coefficients (IC) are displayed on screen





The SCENAR is built on the premise that a pathologic process is not a malady but rather an adjustment, an “adaptive reaction” of the organism on the changes in the environmental conditions.  When we are healthy, our adaptive reactions occur almost imperceptibly. The channels of information (communication within the body) flow unrestricted. However, when there is an unhealthy situation, our “body communication” slows down and the symptoms of a pathologic process (malady) increase.  When this happens, typically 5 things can occur:


1.      Energy consumption is increased.

2.      The area of energy concentration is localized.

3.      The energy provision of the whole body beyond the boundaries of this area suffers.

4.      The lack of energy negatively affects the transformation of information.

5.      The localized concentration of energy occurs in one separate part of the system.


Adaptive reaction sites consume more energy than normal, stealing their increased energy needs from another part of the body.  It is postulated that this leads to a local aggravation creating an asymmetry, an area of abnormality that slows down the body’s  informational flow and is seen outwardly as an increase of the pathologic process.  The goal of SCENAR therapy is to assist the adaptive reaction into a symptom-free form.  Once “small asymmetries” are located on the skin’s surface, they are treated to bring the body’s attention to the problem for “corrective healing” actions. 


A “small asymmetry” is an area of the skin that is different from the surrounding area of skin.  When energy is being consumed at a high rate in one area relative to another area, its bio-impedance will be different from the surrounding tissue.  This allows the devices to locate the abnormal (asymmetric) area and try to help it rebalance toward more normal equilibrium, adjusting the entire system in the process as the system relaxes.



Operationally, the devices utilize a complex electronic signal that is a fast impulse followed by a sinusoidal saw-tooth waveform.  Once the device is placed on the skin, the body becomes part of a “live circuit” and a modified waveform results. This waveform may help trigger the release of neuropeptides by stimulation of the nerve fibers of the central nervous system. In a sense, it’s like the body can go to its own drugstore and ask it to release what the body needs. This is why once the device is removed from the body, the effects are felt longer than say with a classic TENS device.  Or at lease many report this difference. Hence, a person’s first encounter with a SCENAR device may yield symptomatic relief ranging from hours to days depending on the individual.


Another main feature is that the waveform is biphasic.   Biphasic means there is a positive and a negative stimulus.  The waveform starts with a negative push, turns through neutral, goes positive and back down toward negative and rapidly oscillates, eventually dampening toward neutrality. The design of the circuitry and the waveform makes the entire process somewhat adaptogenic; if you need more of something you get it, if you need less, you get less, and a bit of “re-education” occurs in the process.  Hence, these devices are considered to be biofeedback/re-education devices and in some ways are similar to TENS… but are totally different from a results standpoint.  With SCENARs, the body completes the electrical circuit and actively changes the treatment based on the biofeedback it receives.





Once a SCENAR device is turned on and placed against the skin, and the body instantly becomes part of the circuit, just as when you touch a person, information is exchanged and therapy begins.  The device is initially placed close to, but away from the immediate “therapy area” so as not to modify the tissue impedance while the power level is adjusted.  Because each person is different and certain areas of the body have different sensitivity, the power settings will vary form person to person and place to place.  The device can locate an “asymmetry” or “active site” as it is moved across the body by one of several means:


1.      The device may suddenly not slide easily; it “sticks” more in one area than another.

2.      The site may be a different color, redder or whiter than a surrounding area.

3.      The sound as the device moves across the skin changes.

4.      The skin sensitivity changes.


Some or all of these attributes signal an area that should be treated. In manual mode, one either stops for 20 – 40 seconds on the spot, or can keep moving the device over the spot in a “plus” shape, noting which direction of the plus sign has the most stickiness, etc. and continue rubbing the device in this direction until the abnormal characteristics subside.  In automatic mode the device delivers a “dose” of electro-stimulation based on biofeedback and alarms to let the operator know the treatment of the area is complete.  Once equilibrium is established, the device is moved to search out the next asymmetric site.  In many cases the person knows exactly where a problem area  is and can point to it.  In these cases, the area is readily identified and may be very localized. The SCENAR is in constant “Dialog” with the body, accumulating biofeedback information relative to impedance and other characteristics of the skin. Based on real time data, signals are modified and the waveform is constantly varies to preventing the body from becoming “accommodated” to the protocols.  The result is the body get’s the “push” it needs and refocuses its attention on the area requiring attention. 


Depending on whether a condition is chronic or acute, settings may be changed to allow for the best results.  In general, older injuries or chronic conditions are treated with very “comfortable” power levels whereas acute injuries or flare ups are treated more aggressively.


In summary, non-invasive SCENAR technology enables users to locate asymmetries or “active sites” through bio-impedance deviations, then supplies an “electronic push” in the form of electro-stimulation to get the body’s normative cycle moving again.  Improved vascularization, general reduction in swelling and release of the bodily neuropeptides may accompany this biofeedback/ muscle re-education activity and accomplish our main goal of overall relaxation.


Beginning in 2002 Dr. Karasev began looking into the potential for rejuvenation/restoration in addition to trying to help the body repair itself fro a cellular aspect and the Cosmodic technology was born. Cosmodic technology represents the latest development in this developing biofeedback and relaxation technology.


Product Summary

                    DOVE    Let Medical C-DOVE  Let Medical 715 AG

                  Standard            COSMODIC       COSMODIC


Small, portable, battery operated, and highly effective

  No electrodes to adhere, simply contact the skin.

               The Latest from the original inventor.

 SCENAR /Cosmodic Theory


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