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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance

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Solaris Energy Blankets


The Solaris Health Blanket was based on Dr. William Reich’s research in the 1940s and it is said emerged again in a fashion within the Russian Space Program when it was discovered that cosmonauts tended to recover faster from strenuous activity when they remained in their space suits longer. Its unique composition contains reflective metallic material.

This specially designed blanket helps to activate and balance energy flow through the body.  The concept is that the blanket material acts like an electro-magnetic mirror, it reflects the body’s energy portrait, may help in optimizing adaptive reactions.


Just 20-40 min.



           Dr. Irina Kossovakaia (MediScen) teaches the "Coherent Beauty Treatment" at the 2006 NeuroPaths - Mediscen informational seminar in Austin, Texas. The SCENAR , Low Level LASER and 660nm Enhancer are used to help the body reduce wrinkles...spots...Ahhhh. The best part is how rejuvenated the participants became following this treatment... they were "glowing"! Notice an Energy Blanket is wrapped around the lucky person receiving the pampering treatment. 


The best treatments result from treating Clients with the SCENARs and/or Low Level Lasers, then wrapping them in the Solaris Blanket for 20 to 30 minutes to really allow the body to work it's magic un-interfered with by external forces.




The Energy Blanket is the easiest technology to use…

Simply wrap up in it!



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  Modalities for Relaxation & Peak Performance


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