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When life hands you lemons...make lemonade. 

 From the Schreiner University Archives May 8, 2002







  Deputy McHorse found Julie  Dr. Agarwal's Team saved Julie's life & limbs KSAT12 Nancy & Gilbert "are the best" Dr. Agarwal's Hip works great!

   The Mounted Peace Officers Award       Dr. Maale, saves Julie's Arm      Dr. Maale's new arm for Julie  Good Morning America with Charles Gibson


When Julie Beasley walked across the Schreiner University stage on Sunday (May 5) to receive her diploma, many there considered it a miracle. Not that she graduated. Not that she graduated with summa cum laude honors. The miracle was that she was alive and that she walked.

The graduation crowd of 1,300-her family and other people's moms, dads, siblings and grandparents, her fellow graduates, professors and the university trustees-erupted in an emotional standing ovation when her name was called. A shout from the back summed it up nicely: "You go, Miracle Girl!"

Three days later, she and her family were on
ABC's Good Morning America. Co-anchor Charlie Gibson introduced Julie and spoke of the day her world changed. But he knew the big story was not just the events of that day, but her courage during all the days that followed.

On March 13, 2001, Julie was using the Schreiner University spring break to gather data for her biology senior thesis on mistletoe infestation rates. Standing in an open pasture west of Center Point, she was shot twice by a gun-wielding 31-year old fugitive. One shot blew off her right elbow and the other shattered her left hip. The assailant, who had checked himself out of a drug and alcohol rehab center and then embarked on a vicious crime spree, stole her car leaving Beasley alone and bleeding in the field.

To the astonishment of everyone, including law officers, she managed to crawl nearly 200 feet to the road and flag down a deputy sheriff. She was even able to give the deputy a description of her car. By then she had lost nearly half of her blood.

Julie was airlifted to University Hospital in San Antonio and underwent numerous surgeries including total hip and elbow replacements. She is still going through rehabilitation. Julie recalled her experience last September in a speech. It was the first time she had been on campus since she was shot.

"I came here today not to speak as a victim but as a victor! I came here today not to tell you how to live your life, but to live it. I came here today to talk of strength, support and success," she told the group.



> photo courtesy San Antonio Express-News >

       Drs. Summerlin and Mooney       Dr. Peg Layton                           Julie get's her sheepskin  Dr. Steven's Award, "I am a BMW"


Doctors had given Julie a 5 percent chance of living, she said. Because of her amazing will to live, doctors and nurses began calling her "BMW-12" (Bionic Miracle Woman of the 12th Floor).


Julie said the support she received was overwhelming. Faculty members and students visited her round the clock, two blood drives were held in her name on the Schreiner campus. "With this kind of support you'll beat the odds every time," she said. Kerr County Sheriff W.R. Hierholzer recommended Beasley for the State of Texas Directors award for heroism and bravery.

"I have been a peace officer for the State of Texas for over 20 years and I have never met anyone with the will to live and the courage that Julie has shown," Hierholzer wrote. Sheriff Hierholzer, representing all of those law officers who admire her "grit," came to see Julie graduate on Sunday. He was one of the cheering crowd. She affects people that way.



How we found Russian technology... LLL, PS and LENS


Dr. Zulia (Valeyeva-Frost)-NRG gives Julie "Little Wings"     


In 2004 Julie was diagnosed with RSD types I & II following her ~ 40th operation. At that time she was unable to get up off the couch for more than 15 minutes a day, for months.  She was having 2 spinal blocks per week and her doctors thought she should try a sympathectomy to destroy her sensory nerve in order to relieve her pain.


Then something remarkable happened. A clinical study came about as a result of her orthopedic surgeon having surgery to repair his knee. Post surgery he could bend his knee only to 40 degrees and experienced considerable pain.  He decided to try out a new biofeedback device he had heard about.  The device had its lineage as part of the Russian Space Program led by Dr. Alexander Karasev who invented the SCENAR technology. About 30 minutes after his treatment began, his pain went away and his flexion increased from 40 to 100 degrees. He could even cross his legs.  He was... “impressed”.


Dr. Maale immediately asked 22 of his most complex surgical patients with known orthopedic causes for severe pain to participate in a clinical study to really test the device.  My daughter was one of these patients.  In the first day of the trial, we saw a reduction in swelling of her leg and her foot.  Her foot, which had been slightly bluish and cold for over 2 years, suddenly changed color to normal (pink) and “warmed up” during the ~ 30 minutes of treatment by Dr. Zulia Valeyeva-Frost using the InterX 5000. Julie walked out of the clinic and went to the museum for 4 hours, walking without pain for the first time in over 1 ˝ years.  Her pain level changed from ~8/10 to 0/10 and she no longer had a “15 minute limit on standing”.  Her quality of life changed in 30 minutes! 


The average pain for all 22 participants in the 3 day clinical trial, on a 1-10 scale, went from 6.0 to 1.3. As one would expect, flexion increased along with the reduction in pain.  Affected movements became smoother, easier, immediately following the treatment.



We began researching SCENAR development and Dr. Irina Kossovakaia introduced us to the AcuScen, and the amazing LET Medical line of SCENAR devices.  We also tested OKB-RITM devices.  Then "The Julie Test" was born.  Julie tested out various SCENARs, Dr. David Gawain-LLLA's Low Level Lasers, Dr. Len Och's LENS, Photon Stimulator, and MediScen's Solaris "Energy Blankets" as to their efficacy and this led our product selection.  If it passed the "Julie Test" we recommended it as a technology/product based upon her testing. 


There are many other tests that Julie has participated in directly. At UTHSCSA's University Hospital Julie was selected to participate in a study on the effects of medication to improve red blood cell production post surgery, she also helped develop, then be the test vehicle in a test for allergic reactions to prostheses materials by having 2mm x 8mm rods implanted in her body, also the Maale pilot study on the beneficial effects of using the SCENAR to reduce pain, etc.  With all these research studies she's always been as she put's it, "the lab rat", as well as a co-creator in many.  So we think it's only appropriate to name at least one after her. Ahh, the life of a Biologist.


Lynda Kirk at the Austin Biofeedback Center introduced us to classic EEG Biofeedback /brainwave training and a very powerful modification of EFT/EMDR, or "Tapping" protocol.  The "Tapping" protocol quickly allowed Julie to stop being triggered into hyper –vigilant anxiety (panic attack) states by even seemingly insignificant sounds. Remember Julie was shot with no warning. This therapy resulted in Julie actually setting off fireworks 2 days later on the 4th of July. Read more about this on our "Educational Pages".


LENS - Low Energy Neurofeedback System


Dr. Len Ochs at the LENS Workshop                                                                  LENS Map showing EEG Slowing



About the same time as our discovery of SCENAR technology, Dr. Len Ochs of Ochs Labs in California, taught a workshop during one of the Annual International Convention's of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Society, or AAPB. Len asked Julie if she would like to participate in a LENS demonstration as part of the workshop. During the demonstration, Julie responded so positively to the LENS stimulation that her body reacted physically to stored PTSD memories of the shooting. She also noted an immediate improvement relative to her RSD symptoms of pain and burning... they suddenly vanished. She also unknowingly used her injured arm to animate her discussions for the first time since the shooting 4 years before. Her movements were so fluid. I began to wonder if our family an Italian heritage. Talk about a great first result! 


With continued use of the LENS, Julie's progress accelerated, especially her ability to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.  Other positive side effects included an increase in her peripheral vision, and an increase and clarity of colors.  Colors and objects were perceived as being "brighter" and more finely detailed.  Her dreams were also "healthier", more positive.  Julie said the LENS helped her regain the ability to focus and therefore study.  This allowed her to improve her concentration, the recall of facts and vocabulary through the incorporation of more complex words and phrases that she had somehow "forgotten" earlier.  It also improved her "pain cycles".  It seemed as if PTSD and "the blahs"/depression that sometimes follow PTSD met their match with the LENS... and Julie won.


Two spinal blocks, one each week, well over twice her present amount of pain medications and the suggested surgery to destroy a sensory nerve to control the RSD were all eliminated using these modalities in Julie's case. 


While the relief from symptoms is not permanent, the relief period typically gets longer between "sessions" using these devices as the body's own natural healing abilities are apparently take over and become more efficient. 


Update 2009:

The problems with mechanical forces on the humerus and biofilms ended with Julie having surgery number 54 or so. Her entire humerus was removed. A new prosthetic, another world’s first, was designed to include axial rotation so the wrist could pronate and supinate.  It was successful and made even more successful by Dr. Jeff Kreuger’s inclusion of a fasciocutaneous free flap. This was also a new technique whereby the skin and fat pad are removed and relocated to cover the elbow rather than a muscle flap which will over time will atrophy and fail. This new type of flap is significantly stronger mechanically will not atrophy (see the Educational Page).  Thanks Dr, Kreuger, Dr. Lemmon, and Dr, Maale (as always) and especially our new friends from Tornier in France and Lima from Italy!  Julie fell and broke her new arm, this was ingeniously repaired and saved by Dr. Maale...again!

There are no products on this website which we do not use ourselves. All our recommendations come from a technology and personal use standpoint. 








We are not physicians, so we encourage you to speak with your doctor(s) before embarking on any changes to your present medical protocol. 


What we can tell you is what worked for us, gave an entire family a much improved quality of life, and what early pilot study trials of the SCENAR  have shown…with statistical significance.




                Enjoy life again, it is possible.


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